REALTORS® Protect Your Home – whether you are a client or not

Everyone knows REALTORS® will help you buy or sell a house. Many people don’t know we work to protect homeowner rights long after you have moved in.

REALTORS® have a strong interest in ensuring the rights of property owners are not weakened. Why? Because our clients – and we – benefit when they can buy or sell their home without undue restrictions. REALTORS® are a powerful voice at the local, state and national level. We are organized, knowledgeable about the law and we know our local community.

What can happen?

From minor irritations like making it illegal to post a “For Sale” sign in your yard all the way to using eminent domain or rezoning to take your house away from you, government action can significantly alter the way you enjoy your home.

In the United States Congress and right here in Minnesota, our elected officials have been considering whether to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. REALTORS® are taking the lead in trying to stop what amounts to a billion dollar tax increase on the middle class.

Please see Minnesota Homes Matter

In Duluth, the city council tried to have all septic tanks inspected prior to a home being sold. No problem there…except that in Duluth the ground is frozen and often covered with snow six months a year. Under the proposal, no homes could be sold from the time the ground freezes to the time it thaws.

In both cases it is REALTORS® who are stepping up to stop these measures. Both will make it much harder to sell a home.

If you own a home, REALTORS® are working to protect your rights! If you would like to get involved in our issues, please sign up to be on our emailing list. When an issue comes up, we will let you know. Then you can choose to get involved if you like.

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